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ROBERT COHEN V. CONAGRA BRANDS, INC. 20-55969 Santa Ana District Court BENNETT, Mark J. Civil 10/26/2021
CDK GLOBAL LLC V. MARK BRNOVICH 20-16469 Phoenix District Court MILLER, Eric D. Civil 10/25/2021
SETH COLCHESTER V. JEWEL LAZARO 21-35210 Seattle District Court Rakoff, Jed Civil 10/22/2021
LEROY MCGILL V. DAVID SHINN 19-99002 Phoenix District Court BYBEE, Jay Prisoner Death Penalty 10/21/2021
USA V. VIVIAN TAT 19-50034 Los Angeles District Court GRABER, Susan Criminal 10/21/2021
BAERBEL MCKINNEY-DROBNIS V. MASSAGE ENVY FRANCHISING, LLC 20-15539 San Francisco District Court GOULD, Ronald Civil 10/20/2021
FAOUR FRAIHAT V. US IMM. & CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT 20-55634 Riverside District Court BRESS, Daniel Aaron Prisoner 10/20/2021
JUN YU V. IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY 20-35582 Pocatello District Court GOULD, Ronald Civil oop 10/20/2021
ADRIAN MIRANDA V. CITY OF CASA GRANDE 20-16905 Phoenix District Court BRESS, Daniel Aaron Prisoner 10/19/2021
JASPER STEVENS V. ROBERT WHITMORE 20-60044 BAP, Riverside Bankruptcy Ct NELSON, Ryan D. Bankruptcy 10/19/2021
LEONARD HUTCHINSON V. IRS 19-60065 BAP, Fresno Bankruptcy Ct COLLINS, Daniel P. Bankruptcy 10/19/2021
MARTIN WALSH V. USDC-AZP 21-70685 Phoenix District Court WALLACE, J. Original Proceeding 10/19/2021
S. C. V. LINCOLN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT 21-35242 Eugene District Court Rakoff, Jed Civil 10/18/2021
DENNIS BERKOVICH V. CALIFORNIA FRANCHISE TAX BOARD 20-60046 BAP, San Fernando Valley Bk Ct Breyer, Charles Bankruptcy 10/14/2021
USA V. ERIC GOODALL 18-10004 Las Vegas District Court LEE, Kenneth K. Criminal 10/13/2021
USA V. DIANA YATES 18-30183 Portland District Court MILLER, Eric D. Criminal 10/08/2021
MELVIN AMAYA V. MERRICK GARLAND 18-70060 Board of Immigration Appeals BYBEE, Jay Agency 10/07/2021
ASJA V. ROB BONTA 20-55734 Los Angeles District Court CALLAHAN, Consuelo Civil 10/06/2021
UPPER MISSOURI WATERKEEPER V. USEPA 19-35898 Great Falls District Court WATFORD, Paul Civil 10/06/2021
THE GEO GROUP, INC. V. GAVIN NEWSOM 20-56172 San Diego District Court LEE, Kenneth K. Civil 10/05/2021
WILLIAM PLATT V. JASON MOORE 19-15610 Prescott District Court BERZON, Marsha Civil 10/04/2021
CONNIE DIETRICH V. THE BOEING COMPANY 19-56409 Los Angeles District Court BENNETT, Mark J. Civil 10/01/2021
KENNETH SMITH V. KILOLO KIJAKAZI 20-35487 Tacoma District Court Rakoff, Jed Civil 10/01/2021
MUDPIE, INC. V. TRAVELERS CASUALTY INSURANCE 20-16858 Oakland District Court CHRISTEN, Morgan Civil 10/01/2021
PAUL PAVULAK V. BARBARA VON BLANCKENSEE 19-16314 Tucson District Court Per Curiam Habeas oap 10/01/2021
USA V. JOSE MADRID-BECERRA 19-10458 Phoenix District Court BYBEE, Jay Criminal 10/01/2021
CALIFORNIA RIVER WATCH V. CITY OF VACAVILLE 20-16605 Sacramento District Court BUMATAY, Patrick J. Civil 09/29/2021
KAREN STROMBERG V. QUALCOMM INC. 19-15159 San Jose District Court NELSON, Ryan D. Civil 09/29/2021
BELKIS NOLASCO-AMAYA V. MERRICK GARLAND 20-70187 Board of Immigration Appeals GRABER, Susan Agency 09/28/2021
CITY OF OAKLAND V. WELLS FARGO & COMPANY 19-15169 San Francisco District Court McKEOWN, M. Civil ebop 09/28/2021
DEPAUL INDUSTRIES V. BENJAMIN MILLER 20-35598 Eugene District Court VANDYKE, Lawrence J. Civil 09/28/2021
JULIE BALLOU V. JAMES MCELVAIN 20-35416 Tacoma District Court BERZON, Marsha Civil 09/28/2021
SABELITA HAWKINS V. USA 19-35918 Seattle District Court WATFORD, Paul Civil 09/28/2021
JOHN MELNIK V. JAMES DZURENDA 20-15378 Reno District Court CLIFTON, Richard Prisoner 09/27/2021
KENNETH LAKE V. OHANA MILITARY COMMUNITIES 19-17340 Honolulu District Court NELSON, Ryan D. Civil 09/27/2021
HIGH COUNTRY PAVING, INC. V. UNITED FIRE & CASUALTY COMPANY 20-35791 Missoula District Court Civil o 09/24/2021
VICKI WADE V. KILOLO KIJAKAZI 20-35327 Eugene District Court Per Curiam Civil 09/24/2021
CTR. FOR INVESTIGATIVE RPTG. V. DOJ 18-17356 San Francisco District Court WARDLAW, Kim Civil oop 09/23/2021
GREGORY DEMETRULIAS V. RON DAVIS 14-99000 Los Angeles District Court WARDLAW, Kim Prisoner Death Penalty 09/23/2021
LA ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS V. COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES 21-55395 Los Angeles District Court NGUYEN, Jacqueline Civil 09/23/2021
MORGAN SANDERS V. CITY OF PITTSBURG 19-16920 San Francisco District Court BUMATAY, Patrick J. Civil 09/23/2021
PRGE&J RET. SYS. ADMIN. V. VOLKSWAGEN 20-15564 USDC Northern California (San Francisco) Civil o 09/23/2021
USA V. JOSE LIZARRARAS-CHACON 20-30001 Portland District Court Pregerson, Dean Criminal 09/23/2021
YUZI CUI V. MERRICK GARLAND 18-72030 Board of Immigration Appeals VANDYKE, Lawrence J. Agency 09/23/2021
MCKENZY ALFRED V. MERRICK GARLAND 19-72903 Board of Immigration Appeals England, Morrison Agency 09/22/2021
HONG LI V. MERRICK GARLAND 18-70943 Board of Immigration Appeals WALLACE, J. Agency 09/21/2021
USA V. LUKE WILSON 18-50440 San Diego District Court BERZON, Marsha Criminal 09/21/2021
FIYYAZ PIRANI V. SLACK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 20-16419 San Francisco District Court Restani, Jane Civil 09/20/2021
INLAND EMPIRE WATERKEEPER V. CORONA CLAY CO. 20-55420 Santa Ana District Court HURWITZ, Andrew Civil 09/20/2021
RAEF LAWSON V. GRUBHUB, INC. 18-15386 San Francisco District Court FLETCHER, William Civil 09/20/2021
CESAR ALCARAZ-ENRIQUEZ V. MERRICK GARLAND 15-71553 Board of Immigration Appeals BEA, Carlos Agency 09/16/2021
FOOD & WATER WATCH, INC. V. USEPA 20-71554 Environmental Protection Agcy FLETCHER, William Agency 09/16/2021
KEVIN COOPER V. GAVIN NEWSOM 18-16547 San Francisco District Court FLETCHER, William Civil 09/16/2021
KIMETRA BRICE V. HAYNES INVESTMENTS, LLC 19-15707 San Francisco District Court FORREST, Danielle J. Civil 09/16/2021
USA V. JASON SCHAEFER 19-30266 Portland District Court BEA, Carlos Criminal 09/16/2021
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE US V. ROB BONTA 20-15291 Sacramento District Court Lucero, Carlos Civil 09/15/2021
DANIEL COSTON V. ANDREW NANGALAMA 19-16450 Sacramento District Court Simon, Michael Prisoner 09/15/2021
KERRY JONES V. CASSANDRA FAIRFIELD 21-35159 Spokane District Court Ebel, David Civil 09/15/2021
LARRY WILKINS V. USA 20-35745 Missoula District Court VANDYKE, Lawrence J. Civil 09/15/2021
PAUL BOLIN V. RON DAVIS 16-99009 Fresno District Court BRESS, Daniel Aaron Prisoner Death Penalty 09/15/2021
THUNDER STUDIOS, INC. V. CHARIF KAZAL 19-55413 Los Angeles District Court FLETCHER, William Civil 09/15/2021
DANIEL WARMENHOVEN V. NETAPP, INC. 19-16960 San Jose District Court Feinerman, Gary Civil 09/13/2021
IN RE GRAND JURY 21-55085 Los Angeles District Court LEE, Kenneth K. Civil 09/13/2021
BRANDON HODGES V. COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS 19-16483 Oakland District Court COLLINS, Daniel P. Civil 09/10/2021
CURTIS ERVIN V. RON DAVIS 16-99010 San Jose District Court OWENS, John Prisoner Death Penalty 09/10/2021
RAFAEL DIAZ-RODRIGUEZ V. MERRICK GARLAND 13-73719 Board of Immigration Appeals WATFORD, Paul Agency 09/10/2021
ROBERT JURADO V. RON DAVIS 18-99009 San Diego District Court THOMAS, Sidney Prisoner Death Penalty 09/10/2021
JULIO BENEDICTO V. MERRICK GARLAND 18-73237 Board of Immigration Appeals VANDYKE, Lawrence J. Agency 09/09/2021
KAMI ETEMADI V. MERRICK GARLAND 18-72318 Board of Immigration Appeals Boggs, Danny Agency 09/09/2021
RICHARD BELL V. WILMOTT STORAGE SERVICES, LLC 19-55882 Los Angeles District Court WARDLAW, Kim Civil 09/09/2021
DANIEL CHAVEZ V. DAVID ROBINSON 18-36083 Medford District Court IKUTA, Sandra Civil 09/08/2021
MORSHED ALAM V. MERRICK GARLAND 19-72744 Board of Immigration Appeals THOMAS, Sidney Agency ebop 09/08/2021
USA V. WILLIAM GREEN 20-50257 San Diego District Court CALLAHAN, Consuelo Criminal 09/08/2021
CYRUS CSUTORAS V. PARADISE HIGH SCHOOL 19-17373 Sacramento District Court VANDYKE, Lawrence J. Civil 09/07/2021
SANTOS IRAHETA-MARTINEZ V. MERRICK GARLAND 18-72692 Board of Immigration Appeals Feinerman, Gary Agency 09/07/2021
USA V. JASON JULIANO 20-35395 Spokane District Court VANDYKE, Lawrence J. Habeas 09/03/2021
CALEB GIHA V. MERRICK GARLAND 15-73085 Board of Immigration Appeals COLLINS, Daniel P. Agency 09/02/2021
JANET GARCIA V. CITY OF LOS ANGELES 20-55522 Los Angeles District Court FRIEDLAND, Michelle Civil 09/02/2021
K. CORRIGAN V. DEB HAALAND 20-35393 Boise District Court Friedman, Paul Civil 09/02/2021
RICK MARTIN V. SUNDIAL MARINE TUG & BARGE WRK 20-70147 Benefits Review Board HURWITZ, Andrew Agency 09/02/2021
CLARK LANDIS V. WA STATE MLB STADIUM PFD 19-36075 Seattle District Court FORREST, Danielle J. Civil 09/01/2021
DONALD HUGH NICHOLS V. MARANA STOCKYARD 20-60043 BAP, Tucson Bankruptcy Ct O'SCANNLAIN, Diarmuid Bankruptcy 09/01/2021
JOSE RODRIGUEZ-RAMIREZ V. MERRICK GARLAND 19-70506 Board of Immigration Appeals Per Curiam Agency 09/01/2021
BOGDAN RADU V. PERSEPHONE JOHNSON SHON 20-17022 Tucson District Court NELSON, Ryan D. Civil * 08/31/2021
GOVERNMENT OF GUAM V. DANNY GUERRERO 19-16793 Guam District Court WALLACE, J. Civil 08/31/2021
BLADEROOM GROUP LTD. V. EMERSON ELECTRIC CO. 19-16583 San Jose District Court Murphy, Stephen Civil 08/30/2021
BRIAN BROWN V. KILOLO KIJAKAZI 20-35533 Tacoma District Court Civil o 08/30/2021
DNC V. KATIE HOBBS 18-15845 Phoenix District Court Civil ebo 08/30/2021
SUZANNE SISLEY V. USDEA 20-71433 Drug Enforcement Agency FLETCHER, William Agency 08/30/2021
USA V. MELVYN GEAR 19-10353 Honolulu District Court Per Curiam Criminal oap 08/30/2021
WAYNE PORRETTI V. JAMES DZURENDA 20-16111 Las Vegas District Court MURGUIA, Mary Prisoner 08/30/2021
AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY FOUNDATION V. ROB BONTA 16-55727 Los Angeles District Court Civil o 08/27/2021
AYLA, LLC V. ALYA SKIN PTY. LTD. 20-16214 Oakland District Court Rakoff, Jed Civil 08/27/2021
JORGE REYES AFANADOR V. MERRICK GARLAND 17-70127 Board of Immigration Appeals IKUTA, Sandra Agency 08/27/2021
USA V. TYRONNE POLLARD, JR. 20-15958 Oakland District Court NELSON, Ryan D. Habeas 08/27/2021
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