Mediation in the Ninth Circuit

For over thirty years, the Ninth Circuit Mediation Program has offered litigants an opportunity to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. The Mediation Program’s mission is “to facilitate the voluntary resolution of appeals in order to reduce the court’s workload and to offer parties an alternative to litigation to resolve their disputes.” General Order 7.1

Each year, the court’s Circuit Mediators help parties resolve hundreds of cases across the full spectrum of the court’s civil docket, from basic contract and employment disputes to complex issues of public policy. The eight Circuit Mediators are experienced attorneys with extensive backgrounds in negotiation, mediation, and Ninth Circuit practice and procedures. The Circuit Mediators work with the parties to find resolutions that may better meet their underlying interests than continuing with the litigation to Ninth Circuit decision. This service is provided at no cost to the parties.

Strict confidentiality rules ensure that all mediation communications will be kept confidential. Circuit Rule 33-1

Even if an appeal is not resolved, participation in the Mediation Program may help parties reach a better understanding of their goals and interests and assist them in framing the issues on appeal.


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