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NLRB V. AAKASH, INC.22-70002National Labor Relations BoardGRABERAgency01/27/2023
USA V. ERIC LOPEZ19-50305San Diego District CourtCriminal01/27/2023
DAVID WIT, ET AL V. UNITED BEHAVIORAL HEALTH20-17363San Francisco District CourtAnello, Michael M.Civil01/26/2023
REBECA CRISTOBAL ANTONIO V. MERRICK GARLAND21-70624Board of Immigration AppealsBENNETTAgency01/26/2023
USA V. FRANKLIN ELLER, JR.20-10425Prescott District CourtOWENSCriminal01/25/2023
MICHAEL BROWN V. CIR22-70001Tax Court, Int Revenue ServiceParker, Barrington D.Tax Court01/24/2023
BRIAN TINGLEY V. ROBERT FERGUSON, ET AL21-35815Tacoma District CourtCivil01/23/2023
CHRIS LANGER V. MILAN KISER, ET AL21-55183San Diego District CourtGOULDCivil01/23/2023
IN RE: ROBERT GRIER, ET AL V. FINJAN HOLDINGS, INC., ET AL21-16702San Francisco District CourtBEACivil01/20/2023
CENTER FOR BIO. DIVERSITY V. DEB HAALAND, ET AL21-35121Missoula District CourtHURWITZCivil01/19/2023
FRANCINE SHULMAN, ET AL V. TODD KAPLAN, ET AL20-56265Los Angeles District CourtM. SMITHCivil01/18/2023
JANE DOE V. USDC-NVL22-70098Las Vegas District CourtGRABEROriginal Proceeding01/18/2023
JOAN OPARA V. JANET YELLEN21-55953Los Angeles District CourtKatzmann, Gary S.Civil01/17/2023
USA V. LONNIE LILLARD18-30106Seattle District CourtSUNGCriminal01/17/2023
SHAMSHER SINGH V. MERRICK GARLAND20-72806Board of Immigration AppealsGilman, Ronald LeeAgency01/12/2023
USA V. ELIGIO MUNOZ21-10360Sacramento District CourtWATFORDCriminal01/11/2023
USA V. SEVAN AMINTOBIA20-50039San Diego District CourtCOLLINSCriminal01/11/2023
KEVIN JOHNSON V. WALMART INC.21-16423Fresno District CourtSessions, William K.Civil01/10/2023
USA V. MONGOL NATION19-50176Los Angeles District CourtH.A. THOMASCriminal01/06/2023
SHAYNA LATHUS V. CITY OF HUNTINGTON BEACH21-56197Santa Ana District CourtHURWITZCivil01/05/2023
USA V. EDWARD KNIGHT21-10197Reno District CourtLasnik, Robert S.Criminal01/04/2023
FREDDIE CRESPIN V. CHARLES RYAN, ET AL18-15073Phoenix District CourtPrisoner01/03/2023
SOCAL RECOVERY, LLC, ET AL V. CITY OF COSTA MESA, ET AL20-55820Santa Ana District CourtBENNETTCivil01/03/2023
IDANIA PEREZ-PORTILLO, ET AL V. MERRICK GARLAND20-73486Board of Immigration AppealsCALLAHANAgency12/30/2022
JEFFREY REICHERT, ET AL V. RAPID INVESTMENTS, INC., ET AL21-35530Tacoma District CourtPer CuriamCivil12/30/2022
PAULETTE SMITH V. EDWARD AGDEPPA, ET AL20-56254Los Angeles District CourtCHRISTENCivil12/30/2022
SAUK-SUIATTLE INDIAN TRIBE V. CITY OF SEATTLE, ET AL22-35000Seattle District CourtPer CuriamCivil12/30/2022
ERIC DODGE V. EVERGREEN SCHOOL DISTRICT #114, ET AL21-35400Tacoma District CourtFORRESTCivil12/29/2022
USA V. JONATHAN ANDERSON20-50345Riverside District CourtPer CuriamCriminal12/29/2022
CARA JONES, ET AL V. GOOGLE LLC, ET AL21-16281San Jose District CourtMcKEOWNCivil12/28/2022
USA V. NOEL MACAPAGAL21-10262Honolulu District CourtSCHROEDERCriminal12/28/2022
KEVIN CHEN, ET AL V. ALBANY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT, ET AL20-16540San Francisco District CourtCOLLINSCivil12/27/2022
USA V. DAVID LINEHAN21-50206Los Angeles District CourtBRESSCriminal12/22/2022
CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY, ET AL V. MICHAEL REGAN, ET AL19-72109Environmental Protection AgcyLEEAgency12/21/2022
COLIN BRICKMAN V. META PLATFORMS, INC.21-16785San Francisco District CourtGilman, Ronald LeeCivil12/21/2022
LUIS PINO V. CARDONE CAPITAL, LLC, ET AL21-55564Los Angeles District CourtLynn, Barbara M. G.Civil12/21/2022
USA V. JOSHUA FISHER20-10098Las Vegas District CourtWallach, Evan J.Criminal12/21/2022
D. R. V. RBUSD21-56053Los Angeles District CourtWATFORDCivil12/20/2022
SYLVESTER OWINO, ET AL V. CORECIVIC, INC.21-55221San Diego District CourtMcKEOWNCivil12/20/2022
USA V. SHARMISTHA BARAI20-10318Sacramento District CourtKOHCriminal12/20/2022
HAYDAY FARMS, INC., ET AL V. FEEDX HOLDINGS, INC.21-55650Los Angeles District CourtR. NELSONCivil12/19/2022
DAVID SUSKI, ET AL V. COINBASE, INC., ET AL22-15209San Francisco District CourtTASHIMACivil12/16/2022
NERY SALGUERO SOSA V. MERRICK GARLAND19-70961Board of Immigration AppealsM. SMITHAgency12/16/2022
RICHARD JOHNSON V. CHARLES RYAN, ET AL20-15293Phoenix District CourtBYBEEPrisoner12/15/2022
TWITTER, INC. V. KEN PAXTON21-15869San Francisco District CourtR. NELSONCivil12/14/2022
USA V. CYNTHIA MONTOYA21-50129San Diego District CourtMURGUIACriminal12/14/2022
USA V. JAMES WELLS20-30009Anchorage District CourtBRESSCriminal12/14/2022
WILLIAN RAUDA V. DAVID JENNINGS, ET AL21-16062San Francisco District CourtVANDYKECivil12/12/2022
JAMES KLEISER, ET AL V. BENJAMIN CHAVEZ, ET AL21-36029Tacoma District CourtTALLMANCivil12/09/2022
LARISSA WALN, ET AL V. DYSART SCHOOL DISTRICT, ET AL21-15737Phoenix District CourtGRABERCivil12/09/2022
MACKENZIE BROWN, ET AL V. STATE OF ARIZONA, ET AL20-15568Phoenix District CourtMURGUIACivil12/09/2022
KJERSTI FLAA, ET AL V. HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOC., ET AL21-55347Los Angeles District CourtMILLERCivil12/08/2022
RAFAEL DIAZ-RODRIGUEZ V. MERRICK GARLAND13-73719Board of Immigration AppealsIKUTAAgency12/08/2022
THOMAS GEARING, ET AL V. CITY OF HALF MOON BAY21-16688San Francisco District CourtM. SMITHCivil12/08/2022
DREAMSTIME.COM, LLC V. GOOGLE LLC20-16472San Francisco District CourtGOULDCivil12/06/2022
RONALD HOOKS V. NEXSTAR BROADCASTING, INC.21-35252Portland District CourtIKUTACivil12/05/2022
USA V. ELLEN REICHE21-30275Seattle District CourtLEECriminal12/05/2022
LUIS PEREZ-CAMACHO V. MERRICK GARLAND19-72063Board of Immigration AppealsIKUTAAgency12/02/2022
RICARDO BRAVO-BRAVO V. MERRICK GARLAND20-71042Board of Immigration AppealsIKUTAAgency12/02/2022
CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TOXIC, ET AL V. CENTURY INDEMNITY COMPANY, ET AL20-15029Sacramento District CourtBaker, M. MillerCivil12/01/2022
BYRON MCKNIGHT, ET AL V. UBER TECHNOLOGIES, INC., ET AL21-16623Oakland District CourtS.R. THOMASCivil11/30/2022
A. CLARK V. SHIRLEY WEBER21-56337Los Angeles District CourtWATFORDCivil11/29/2022
JOHEL VALIENTE, ET AL V. SWIFT TRANSP. CO. OF ARIZ.21-55456Los Angeles District CourtH.A. THOMASCivil11/23/2022
CHARLES MOORE, ET AL V. USA20-36122Seattle District CourtCivil11/22/2022
USA V. FOREST KIRST20-30193Anchorage District CourtW. FLETCHERCriminal11/22/2022
USA V. JUAN HOLIDAY20-50157San Diego District CourtCriminal11/22/2022
AROLDO RODRIGUEZ DIAZ V. MERRICK GARLAND, ET AL20-16245Oakland District CourtBRESSPrisoner11/21/2022
SAN CARLOS APACHE TRIBE V. XAVIER BECERRA, ET AL21-15641Phoenix District CourtPAEZCivil11/21/2022
VICKI COLLIER V. LINCOLN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY21-55465Santa Ana District CourtPAEZCivil11/21/2022
IN RE: SANDRA TILLMAN, ET AL V. LAWRENCE WARFIELD, ET AL21-16034Prescott District CourtChen, Edward M.Bkd11/18/2022
APACHE STRONGHOLD V. USA, ET AL21-15295Phoenix District CourtMURGUIACivil11/17/2022
MISTY SMARTT V. KILOLO KIJAKAZI21-16009Prescott District CourtVANDYKECivil11/17/2022
USA V. JERRE NISHIDA21-10070Honolulu District CourtFORRESTCriminal11/17/2022
DAVID BORDEN V. EFINANCIAL, LLC21-35746Seattle District CourtLEECivil11/16/2022
RUTH FARLOW V. KILOLO KIJAKAZI21-35890Tacoma District CourtTALLMANCivil11/16/2022
EARNEST PRESCOTT V. KELLY SANTORO19-17509San Jose District CourtCALLAHANPrisoner11/15/2022
MURRAY HOOPER V. DAVID SHINN, ET AL22-99012Phoenix District CourtPer CuriamPrisoner-death Penalty11/15/2022
MURRAY HOOPER V. MARK BRNOVICH, ET AL22-16764Phoenix District CourtPer CuriamPrisoner11/15/2022
CHRISTOPHER BARCLAY V. DEJAN BOSKOSKI22-55098San Diego Bankruptcy CourtH.A. THOMASBkb11/14/2022
DENISE MEJIA V. WESLEY MILLER, ET AL21-56282Riverside District CourtFreudenthal, Nancy D.Civil11/14/2022
PUNCHBOWL, INC. V. AJ PRESS, LLC21-55881Los Angeles District CourtBRESSCivil11/14/2022
SAN ANTONIO WINERY, INC. V. JIAXING MICAROSE TRADE CO.21-56036Los Angeles District CourtH.A. THOMASCivil11/14/2022
FRIENDS OF ALASKA NAT'L, ET AL V. DEBRA HAALAND, ET AL20-35721Anchorage District CourtMURGUIACivil11/10/2022
SEAVIEW TRADING, LLC, AGK INVE V. CIR20-72416Tax Court, Int Revenue ServiceMURGUIATax Court11/10/2022
UNICOLORS, INC. V. H&M HENNES & MAURITZ, LP18-56253Los Angeles District CourtBEACivil11/10/2022
LASSANA MAGASSA V. ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS, ET AL21-35700Seattle District CourtR. NELSONCivil11/09/2022
ONLINE MERCHANTS GUILD V. NICOLAS MADUROS21-16911Sacramento District CourtS.R. THOMASCivil11/09/2022
DANNY JONES V. CHARLES RYAN18-99005Phoenix District CourtS.R. THOMASPrisoner-death Penalty11/07/2022
TRINA RAY, ET AL V. LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT, ET AL20-56245Los Angeles District CourtPer CuriamCivil11/04/2022
LEOBARDO MORENO GALVEZ, ET AL V. UR JADDOU, ET AL20-36052Seattle District CourtBEACivil11/03/2022
ANITA GREEN V. MISS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA21-35228Portland District CourtVANDYKECivil11/02/2022
ARMIDA RUELAS, ET AL V. COUNTY OF ALAMEDA, ET AL21-16528Oakland District CourtCivil11/01/2022
SAVE THE BULL TROUT, ET AL V. MARTHA WILLIAMS, ET AL21-35480Missoula District CourtHAWKINSCivil11/01/2022
GIOVANNY HERNANDEZ V. MERRICK GARLAND20-72138Board of Immigration AppealsMILLERAgency10/31/2022
USA V. JAMES RICHARDS21-10190Oakland District CourtCALLAHANCriminal10/31/2022
CITY OF RENO V. NETFLIX, INC., ET AL21-16560Reno District CourtPer CuriamCivil10/28/2022
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