Unpublished Dispositions (Memoranda)

Log of Unpublished Dispositions

Opinions will generally be displayed on this website by 10 a.m. Pacific Time and Memorandum Dispositions by 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time on the day of filing. There is no charge to view or download these documents from our website. Please note that opinions and dispositions are also available from the PACER system shortly before they are posted to this site. PACER is a fee based system. Click here to open a PACER account and find out more about fees. PACER account holders may register as non-party users of the court's Appellate ECF system to obtain immediate email notification of the filing of opinions and dispositions in specific cases. Click here to register as a non-party user. To automatically receive a free list of all opinions filed each day, click here to subscribe to the court's daily RSS feed.

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For Unpublished Dispositions posted December 8, 2008 to November 10, 2009 click here.

Please contact the clerk's office at 415-355-8000 to find out how to obtain an unpublished disposition filed before 2008.
*: immediate filing
o: order
oa: order amending
oad: order amended dissent
oam: order and amended memorandum
oap: order and amended opinion
oop: order & opinion
o2: second opinion
eb: en banc
ebop: en banc opinion
ebo: en banc order
cd: concurrence/dissent
ad: amended dissent
s: supplemental opinion
sd: supplemental dissent
ao: amended opinion
co: corrected opinion
app: appendix