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Ninth Circuit opinions (along with those of several other circuits) dating back to January 2008 are available for free with advanced search capabilities at the Government Printing Office's Federal Digital System here.

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JONATHAN ESPY V. J2 GLOBAL, INC., ET AL 22-55829 Los Angeles District Court McKEOWN Civil 04/19/2024
KRISTIN HART, ET AL V. CITY OF REDWOOD CITY, ET AL 22-17008 Oakland District Court VANDYKE Civil 04/19/2024
USA V. LAWRENCE BLACKSHIRE 21-10230 Phoenix District Court HURWITZ Criminal 04/19/2024
MATTHEW MEINECKE V. CITY OF SEATTLE, ET AL 23-35481 Seattle District Court BYBEE Civil 04/18/2024
USA V. VICTOR RAMIREZ 22-50045 Santa Ana District Court LEE Criminal 04/18/2024
USA V. JEREMY PAYNE 22-50262 Riverside District Court TALLMAN Criminal 04/17/2024
USA V. SHAUN ALLAHYARI, ET AL 22-35422 Seattle District Court COLLINS Civil 04/17/2024
BMBP V. SHANE JEFFRIES, ET AL 22-35857 Pendleton District Court HURWITZ Civil 04/16/2024
IN RE COMPLAINT OF JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT 22-90122 9th Circuit San Francisco MURGUIA, Mary N/A 04/16/2024
USA V. GABRIEL MIRABAL 22-50217 Riverside District Court H.A. THOMAS Criminal 04/16/2024
ANTHONY PEREZ, ET AL V. CITY OF FRESNO, ET AL 22-15546 Fresno District Court FORREST Civil 04/15/2024
USA V. MEDINA-LUNA 23-705 San Diego, Southern California GRABER Criminal 04/12/2024
FREDRICK WAID, ET AL V. COUNTY OF LYON, ET AL 22-15382 Reno District Court Civil 04/11/2024
RYAN S. V. UNITEDHEALTH GROUP, INC., ET AL 22-55761 Santa Ana District Court CLIFTON Civil 04/11/2024
FLI-LO FALCON, LLC, ET AL V. AMZN, ET AL 22-35818 Seattle District Court BENNETT Civil 04/10/2024
LAUREN CASOLA V. DEXCOM, INC. 23-55403 San Diego District Court CALLAHAN Civil 04/10/2024
USA V. JAMES MILHEISER 21-50162 Santa Ana District Court FRIEDLAND Criminal 04/09/2024
ADREE EDMO V. CORIZON, INC., ET AL 22-35876 Boise District Court GOULD Prisoner 04/05/2024
IN RE: ALI ALAVI, ET AL V. GENIUS BRANDS INTERNATIONAL, INC., ET AL 22-55760 Los Angeles District Court MENDOZA Civil 04/05/2024
USA V. VIVIAN TAT 22-50240 Los Angeles District Court MENDOZA Criminal 04/04/2024
USA V. HELAMAN HANSEN 17-10548 Sacramento District Court GOULD Criminal 04/03/2024
SYDNEY RIEMAN, ET AL V. GLORIA VAZQUEZ, ET AL 22-56054 Riverside District Court M. SMITH Civil 04/02/2024
BBK TOBACCO & FOODS LLP V. CENTRAL COAST AGRICULTURE, INC. 22-16190 Phoenix District Court DESAI Civil 04/01/2024
USA V. MARKANTHONY SAPALASAN 21-30251 Anchorage District Court R. NELSON Criminal 04/01/2024
JOSEPH HART V. RON BROOMFIELD 20-99011 Los Angeles District Court H.A. THOMAS Prisoner-death Penalty 03/28/2024
TERRY IVERSEN V. DAVE PEDRO 22-35076 Pendleton District Court Montalvo, Frank Prisoner 03/27/2024
ROBERT CONWAY V. MARTIN O'MALLEY 22-35427 Portland District Court SUNG Civil 03/26/2024
ANDREW ZENOFF V. SORRENTO THERAPEUTICS, INC., ET AL 22-55641 San Diego District Court CALLAHAN Civil 03/25/2024
SIKOUSIS LEGACY, INC., ET AL V. B-GAS LIMITED, ET AL 23-15245 San Francisco District Court BEA Civil 03/25/2024
USA V. JOSE JIMENEZ-CHAIDEZ 22-50069 San Diego District Court FORREST Criminal 03/25/2024
LARRY GRANT, ET AL V. CITY OF LONG BEACH, ET AL 22-56121 Los Angeles District Court DESAI Civil 03/22/2024
SINGH V. GARLAND 22-211 Board of Immigration Appeals Vratil, Kathryn H. Agency 03/22/2024
DZ RESERVE, ET AL V. META PLATFORMS, INC. 22-15916 San Francisco District Court S.R. THOMAS Civil 03/21/2024
ESTATE OF DANIEL HERNANDEZ, ET AL V. CITY OF LOS ANGELES, ET AL 21-55994 Los Angeles District Court COLLINS Civil 03/21/2024
MICHAEL MCLAUGHLIN V. RONALD OLIVER, ET AL 21-15806 Las Vegas District Court COLLINS Prisoner 03/19/2024
PROJECT VERITAS, ET AL V. MICHAEL SCHMIDT, ET AL 22-35271 Portland District Court MURGUIA Civil 03/19/2024
TAPIA CORIA V. GARLAND 22-970 Board of Immigration Appeals BRESS Agency 03/19/2024
IN RE: EDWIN LICUP, ET AL V. JEFFERSON AVENUE TEMECULA LLC 23-60017 BAP, San Diego Bankruptcy Ct H.A. THOMAS Bankruptcy Appellate Panel 03/18/2024
USA V. JESUS PEREZ GARCIA 22-50314 San Diego District Court SANCHEZ 9a 03/18/2024
DOUG SMITH, ET AL V. ANNE HELZER, ET AL 22-35612 Anchorage District Court MURGUIA Civil 03/15/2024
DANNY FERGUSON V. MARTIN O'MALLEY 21-35412 Pendleton District Court SUNG Civil 03/14/2024
GREGORY CAPUTO, ET AL V. TUNGSTEN HEAVY POWDER, INC. 22-55142 San Diego District Court Civil 03/14/2024
SHANNON MCBURNIE, ET AL V. RAC ACCEPTANCE EAST, LLC 22-16868 San Francisco District Court W. FLETCHER Civil 03/14/2024
ADAN ORTIZ V. RANDSTAD INHOUSE SERVICES, LLC, ET AL 23-55147 Riverside District Court VANDYKE Civil 03/12/2024
RAYMOND LEWIS V. CHANCE ANDES 19-99001 Fresno District Court CHRISTEN Prisoner-death Penalty 03/12/2024
USA V. MELCHOR OROZCO-OROZCO 22-50146 San Diego District Court CHRISTEN Criminal 03/12/2024
KALULU V. GARLAND 21-895 Board of Immigration Appeals VANDYKE Agency 03/11/2024
WINIFREDO HERRERA, ET AL V. CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS LIMITED 21-16083 San Francisco District Court WALLACE Civil 03/11/2024
USA V. PHILIP LAYFIELD 22-50047 Los Angeles District Court OWENS Criminal 03/07/2024
ALYSSA JONES, ET AL V. RIOT HOSPITALITY GROUP LLC, ET AL 22-16465 Phoenix District Court HURWITZ Civil 03/05/2024
SYDNEY RIEMAN, ET AL V. GLORIA VASQUEZ, ET AL 22-56054 Riverside District Court M. SMITH Civil 03/05/2024
USA V. EDGAR LEMUS 22-50046 Los Angeles District Court BUMATAY Criminal 03/05/2024
PERIDOT TREE, INC., ET AL V. CITY OF SACRAMENTO, ET AL 22-16783 Sacramento District Court MENDOZA Civil 03/04/2024
APACHE STRONGHOLD V. USA, ET AL 21-15295 Phoenix District Court Per Curiam Civil 03/01/2024
JAMES HUNTSMAN V. CORPORATION OF THE PRESIDENT, ET AL 21-56056 Los Angeles District Court MURGUIA Civil 03/01/2024
PAULETTE SMITH V. EDWARD AGDEPPA, ET AL 20-56254 Los Angeles District Court Civil 03/01/2024
URIBE ANDRADE V. GARLAND 21-1244 Board of Immigration Appeals BRESS Agency 03/01/2024
LEXINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY, ET AL V. CINDY SMITH, ET AL 22-35784 Tacoma District Court McKEOWN Civil 02/29/2024
LINTHICUM, ET AL. V. WAGNER, ET AL. 23-4292 Eugene, Oregon Per Curiam Civil 02/29/2024
MARK MCDONALD, ET AL V. KRISTINA LAWSON, ET AL 22-56220 Santa Ana District Court FORREST Civil 02/29/2024
USA V. AHMED ALAHMEDALABDALOKLAH 18-10435 Phoenix District Court CHRISTEN Criminal 02/28/2024
JERRY JAMGOTCHIAN, ET AL V. GREGORY FERRARO, ET AL 23-55735 Santa Ana District Court BRESS Civil 02/26/2024
CREECH V. BENNETTS 24-1000 Boise, Idaho Per Curiam Prisoner Death Penalty 02/24/2024
CREECH V. TEWALT, ET AL. 24-978 Boise, Idaho Per Curiam Prisoner Death Penalty 02/24/2024
CREECH V. RICHARDSON 24-275 Boise, Idaho Per Curiam Prisoner Death Penalty 02/23/2024
ANDREW TETER, ET AL V. ANNE E. LOPEZ, ET AL 20-15948 Honolulu District Court MURGUIA Civil 02/22/2024
TRANSAMERICA LIFE INSURANCE CO V. AKOP ARUTYUNYAN, ET AL 22-55199 Los Angeles District Court COLLINS Civil 02/22/2024
EAST BAY SANCTUARY COVENANT, ET AL V. JOSEPH BIDEN, ET AL 23-16032 Oakland District Court Civil 02/21/2024
LAUSD V. A. O. 22-55204 Los Angeles District Court Hamilton, David F. Civil 02/15/2024
GUZMAN-MALDONADO V. GARLAND 23-9 Board of Immigration Appeals HURWITZ Agency 02/14/2024
JANE DOE V. WEBGROUP CZECH REPUBLIC, A.S., ET AL 22-55315 Los Angeles District Court COLLINS Civil 02/14/2024
USA V. BRETT PARKINS 22-50186 Santa Ana District Court OWENS Criminal 02/14/2024
PEACE RANCH, LLC V. ROB BONTA, ET AL 22-16063 Sacramento District Court McKEOWN Civil 02/13/2024
JOHN PATRICK V. RUNNING WAREHOUSE, LLC, ET AL 22-56078 Los Angeles District Court M. SMITH Civil 02/12/2024
MARIA JOHNSON V. LOWE'S HOME CENTERS, LLC 22-16486 Sacramento District Court W. FLETCHER Civil 02/12/2024
DONALD SHERMAN V. WILLIAM GITTERE, ET AL 16-99000 Las Vegas District Court BUMATAY Prisoner-death Penalty 02/09/2024
WILLIAM EHART, JR. V. LAHAINA DIVERS, INC., ET AL 22-16149 Honolulu District Court BEA Civil 02/08/2024
DEVAS MULTIMEDIA PRIVATE LTD. V. ANTRIX CORP. LTD. 20-36024 Seattle District Court Civil 02/06/2024
JESUS FIGUEROA OCHOA V. MERRICK GARLAND 20-72510 Board of Immigration Appeals MILLER Agency 02/06/2024
TAYO DARAMOLA V. ORACLE AMERICA, INC., ET AL 22-15959 San Francisco District Court Per Curiam Civil 02/06/2024
DE WITT LONG V. SUGAI, ET AL 22-15997 Honolulu District Court W. FLETCHER Prisoner 02/05/2024
VOLTAGE PICTURES, LLC V. GUSSI, S.A. DE C.V. 23-55123 Los Angeles District Court M. SMITH Civil 02/05/2024
DEREK TUCSON, ET AL V. CITY OF SEATTLE, ET AL 23-35449 Seattle District Court M. SMITH Civil 02/02/2024
KATHERINE BLUMENKRON, ET AL V. MULTNOMAH COUNTY, ET AL 21-35987 Portland District Court SUNG Civil 02/02/2024
RACHEL SCANLON, ET AL V. COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, ET AL 21-55999 Los Angeles District Court BYBEE Civil 02/02/2024
PAUL MANEY, ET AL V. KATE BROWN, ET AL 22-35218 Eugene District Court SUNG Prisoner 02/01/2024
ADRIANA HOLT, ET AL V. COUNTY OF ORANGE, ET AL 22-55806 Santa Ana District Court W. FLETCHER Civil 01/26/2024
DESIREE MARTINEZ V. CHANNON HIGH 22-16335 Fresno District Court DESAI Civil 01/26/2024
USA V. CONRADO VIRGEN-MENDOZA 21-10109 Fresno District Court SANCHEZ Criminal 01/26/2024
TERENCE TEKOH V. COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, ET AL 18-56414 Los Angeles District Court Civil 01/25/2024
USA V. JOSE GAMBINO-RUIZ 21-50303 San Diego District Court BYBEE Criminal 01/24/2024
PAUL SNITKO, ET AL V. USA, ET AL 22-56050 Los Angeles District Court M. SMITH Civil 01/23/2024
CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY, ET AL V. MICHAEL REGAN, ET AL 19-72109 Environmental Protection Agcy Agency 12/05/2023
KIM MARTINEZ V. ZOOMINFO TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 22-35305 Tacoma District Court MURGUIA Civil 01/18/2024
IN RE: MICHELE MCKEE V. KARL ANDERSON, ET AL 22-60055 BAP, Riverside Bankruptcy Ct LEE Bankruptcy Appellate Panel 01/17/2024
USA V. LUIS MARIN 22-50154 San Diego District Court NGUYEN Criminal 01/17/2024
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