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The circuit has adopted an on-line system called eVoucher to seek reimbursement under the Criminal Justice Act. The system was developed by the Nevada district court and is used by other courts across the country. Below are resources to permit use of the system to file eVouchers in the Court of Appeals. eVoucher updates to version 6.10 in May of 2024. This includes a new sign in process through Login.gov. Updated training materials are below. Use the Online Help once signed in to eVoucher for more information.

For assistance, reach out to our Court of Appeals eVoucher helpdesk at cja_ca09evoucher@ca9.uscourts.gov

More resources  Circuit-wide CJA Resources

Information Available on This Page

CJA Policies and Procedures

Ninth Circuit Criminal Justice Act Plan
Circuit Rule 4-1. Counsel in Criminal and Habeas Appeals
Ninth Circuit CJA Policies and Procedures

CJA Forms

• Criminal Appeals Questionnaire
CJA Information Summary Form
Form 23 CJA Financial Affidavit
Request for Associate/Co-Counsel
Attorney Acknowledgment

eVoucher with Login.gov
Guide for Attorneys Importing Service Entries
Voucher Checklist

Training Videos

Excerpts of Record
Budgeting Appeals
eVoucher CJA Billing Guidelines
Importing Service Entries
eVoucher Attorney Time Service Import Demo
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