Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley v. Sisolak and

Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v. Sisolak

20-16169 and 20-16274

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Document Title

 12/15/2020  Opinion
 12/02/2020  Sisolak letter brief
 12/02/2020  Hunewill letter brief
 12/02/2020  Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley letter brief
 11/27/2020  Order requiring supplemental briefing
 10/26/2020  Order denying motion to dismiss
 10/21/2020  Response to motion to dismiss
 10/07/2020  Motion to dismiss
 09/02/2020  Reply brief
 08/14/2020  Hunewill answering brief
 08/10/2020  Sisolak answering brief
 07/24/2020  Supreme Court order
 07/13/2020  Opening brief
 07/02/2020  Order denying emergency motion
 07/01/2020  Reply in support of emergency motion
 06/29/2020  Sisolak opposition to emergency motion
 06/29/2020  Hunewill opposition to emergency motion
 06/22/2020  Emergency motion for injunction
 12/15/2020 Memorandum
 12/02/2020 Sisolak letter brief
 12/02/2020 Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain letter brief
 11/27/2020 Order requiring supplemental briefing
 10/26/2020 Order denying motion to dismiss
 10/22/2020 Opposition to motion to dismiss
 10/07/2020 Motion to dismiss
 09/02/2020 Answering brief
 08/05/2020 Opening brief