Sierra Club v. Trump

Border Wall Injunction

19-16102, 19-16299, 19-16300, 19-16336

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Document Title

 11/12/2019 Oral Argument - Watch - Listen
 09/17/2019 Third brief on cross appeal
 09/13/2019 Cross appeal reply brief
 09/01/2019 Notice of Argument, Tuesday, November 12, 2019
 08/22/2019 Tohono O'odham Nation amicus brief
 08/22/2019 75 Religious Organizations amicus brief
 08/22/2019 Former US Government Officials amicus brief
 08/22/2019 Federal Courts Scholars amicus brief
 08/20/2019 Former Members of Congress amicus brief
 08/19/2019 U.S. House of Representatives amicus brief
 08/15/2019 States' second brief on cross appeal
 08/15/2019 Sierra Club answering brief
 08/07/2019 Angel Families amicus brief
 08/07/2019 State of Arizona House of Representatives amicus brief
 08/07/2019 Rep. Andy Barr amicus brief
 08/01/2019 Order expediting appeal
 07/31/2019 First brief on cross appeal
 07/30/2019 Unopposed motion to expedite
 07/26/2019 Supreme Court Order
 07/03/2019 Order
 07/02/2019 Emergency Motion to Stay & Motion to Consolidate
 06/29/2019 Appellants' Correspondence
 06/28/2019 Appellees' Supplemental Brief
 06/27/2019 Appellants' supplemental brief
 06/24/2019 Supplemental briefing order
 06/24/2019 Order on unopposed motion
 06/24/2019 Unopposed motion to hold briefing in abeyance
 06/20/2019 Oral Argument
 06/18/2019 Order regarding oral argument
 06/14/2019 Reply in support of motion to stay
 06/12/2019 Order
 06/11/2019 Opposition to motion to stay
 06/11/2019 Amicus Brief of States
 06/11/2019 Motion to File Amicus & Amicus Brief of Former U.S. Government Officials
 06/11/2019 Motion to File Amicus & Amicus Brief of U.S. House of Representatives
 06/11/2019 Amicus Brief of Federal Courts Scholars
 06/11/2019 Amicus Brief of Former Members of Congress
 06/11/2019 Order
 06/10/2019 Amicus Brief of SLSCO
 06/10/2019 Amicus Brief of American Center for Law and Justice
 06/10/2019 Motion To File Amicus & Amicus Brief of Rep. Andy Barr
 06/07/2019 Scheduling Order
 06/05/2019 Order
 06/03/2019 Emergency motion for stay pending appeal