United States v. Arpaio


Due to the level of interest in this case, this site has been created to notify the media and public of procedures and rules for admission to proceedings, as well as access to case information. 


Document Title

 10/23/2019 Oral Argument Watch - Listen
 09/03/2019 Order re amicus filings
 08/11/2019 Notice of Oral Argument, October 23, 2019, 9:00 a.m. Courtroom 2, San Francisco
 05/13/2019 Arpaio reply brief
 04/29/2019 Certain Members of Congress amicus brief
 04/29/2019 Lawrence Tribe et al amicus brief
 04/22/2019 Special prosecutor answering brief
 04/22/2019 United States answering brief
 02/19/2019 Arpaio opening brief
 10/15/2018 Order appointing special prosecutor
 10/10/2018 En Banc order
 06/22/2018 Certain Members of Congress amicus brief
 06/22/2018 Arpaio supplemental brief
 06/22/2018 United States supplemental brief
 06/22/2018 Protect Democracy Project amicus brief
 06/01/2018 En banc briefing order
 04/17/2018 Order appointing special prosecutor