State of California et al v. Little Sisters of the Poor

Affordable Care Act birth control mandate exceptions

18-15144, 18-15166, 18-15255

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Document Title

12/13/2018 Opinion
 11/16/2018  March For Life Supplemental Brief
 11/16/2018  Little Sisters of the Poor Supplemental Brief
 11/16/2018  States' Supplemental Brief
 11/16/2018  Federal Appellants' Supplemental Brief 
 10/25/2018  Supplemental Briefing Order
 10/19/2018  Oral Argument - Audio - Video
 06/11/2018  March For Life Reply Brief
 06/11/2018  Little Sisters of the Poor Reply Brief
 06/11/2018  Federal Appellants' Reply Brief
 05/29/2018  U.S.Womens Chamber of Commerce Amicus Brief
 05/29/2018  Planned Parenthood Amicus Brief
 05/29/2018  ACLU Amicus Brief
 05/29/2018  Americans United for the Separation of Church & State Amicus Brief
 05/29/2018  17 Cities, Counties, and Local Agencies Amicus Brief
 05/29/2018  Administrative Law Professors Amicus Brief
 05/29/2018  States Amicus Brief
 05/29/2018  Health Professional Organizations Amicus Brief
 05/29/2018  Center for Reproductive Rights et al Amicus Brief
 05/25/2018  American Association of University Women et al Amicus Brief
 05/25/2018  National Women's Law Center Amicus Brief
 05/21/2018  State of California et al Answering Brief
 04/16/2018  Religious Sisters of Mercy Amicus Brief
 04/16/2018  Constitutional Law Scholars Amicus Brief
 04/16/2018  First Liberty Institute Amicus Brief
 04/13/2018  Little Sisters of the Poor Residents and Families Amicus Brief
 04/09/2018  March for Life Opening Brief
 04/09/2018  Little Sisters of the Poor Opening Brief
 04/09/2018  Federal Appellants' Opening Brief