Karnoski v. Trump



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Document Title

10/10/2018  Oral Argument Audio and Video
 7/18/2018  Order Denying Motion to Stay
 7/3/2018  Vice Admiral Donald C. Arthur et al Amicus Brief
 7/3/2018  Transgender Civil Rights Groups Amicus Brief
 7/3/2018  Service Women's Action Network Amicus Brief
 7/3/2018  Retired Military Officers Amicus Brief
 7/3/2018  Constitutional Accountability Center Amicus Brief
 7/3/2018  Health Care Organizations Amicus Brief
 7/3/2018  NAACP Legal Defense Fund Amicus Brief
 7/2/2018  Trevor Project Amicus Brief
 7/2/2018  State's Amicus Brief
 6/26/2018  State of Washington Answering Brief
 6/26/2018  Karnoski Answering Brief
 5/29/2018  Opening Brief
 5/14/2018  State of Washington Opposition to the Motion for Stay
 5/14/2018  Karnoski Opposition to the Motion for Stay
 5/4/2018  Motion for Stay