Regents of the University of California v. DHS ("DACA II")


18-15068, 18-15069, 18-15070, 18-15071, 18-15072

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Document Title

11/08/2018 Opinion
10/17/2018 Government's notice
05/15/2018 Oral Argument - Pasadena - Video - Audio
05/11/2018 Supplemental Brief - States
05/11/2018 Supplemental Brief - Regents of the University of California
05/11/2018 Supplemental Brief - DHS
05/11/2018 Supplemental Brief - Garcia and County of Santa Clara
05/01/2018 Supplemental Briefing Order
04/17/2018 Garcia and County of Santa Clara Reply Brief
04/17/2018 Regents of the University of California Reply Brief
04/17/2018 States' Reply Brief
04/10/2018 Immigration Reform Law Institute Amicus Brief
04/03/2018 Third Brief on Cross Appeal
03/23/2018 Oral Argument May 15, 2018 1:00 p.m. Courtroom 1, Pasadena
03/20/2018 American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Legal Services Organizations Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 24 Law Professors Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Institute for Policy Integrity at NYU School of Law Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Immigration Law Scholars Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 ACLU Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 40 Cities and Counties Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Partnership for Educational Justice Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Former Federal Immigration and Homeland Security Officials Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Bar Association of San Francisco Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Eighteen Universities Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 102 Companies Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Institutions of Higher Education Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Religious Organizations Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Current and Former Prosecutors Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 Public Education Groups Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 United We Dream Amicus Brief
03/20/2018 SEIU Amicus Brief
03/15/2018 42 Historians Amicus Brief
03/15/2018 Order Expediting Appeal
03/13/2018 Garcia and County of Santa Clara Second Brief
03/13/2018 Regents of the University of California Second Brief
03/13/2018 States' Second Brief on Cross Appeal
03/12/2018 Reply in Support of Motion to Expedite
03/09/2018 Opposition to Motion to Expedite
03/08/2018 Motion to Expedite
02/26/2018 Denial of Petition for Certiorari
02/13/2018 First Brief on Cross Appeal
01/26/2018 Scheduling Order
01/18/2018 Petition for Certiorari Before Judgment
01/17/2018 Scheduling Order