In re United States (DACA Mandamus Petition)



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Document Title

12/21/2017 Order
12/20/2017 Supreme Court Opinion
12/8/2017 Supreme Court Order
11/21/2017 Order
11/20/2017 Reply in support of emergency motion to stay
11/20/2017 Opposition to emergency motion to stay
11/18/2017 Scheduling Order
11/17/2017 Emergency motion to stay
11/16/2017 Order and Dissent
11/07/2017 Oral Argument Recording - Listen - Watch
10/26/2017 Oral Argument order
10/24/2017 Stay order
10/24/2017 Answer to Petition for Writ of Mandamus
10/23/2017 Opposition to stay
10/20/2017 Order
10/20/2017 Petition for writ of mandamus and request for stay