Hawaii v. Trump, Modification of Injunction Appeal

("Travel Ban")


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Document Title

09/14/2017 Order Partially Staying Mandate
09/12/2017 Supreme Court Stay Order
09/11/2017 Supreme Court Order
09/07/2017 Opinion Filed
08/28/2017 Oral Argument Audio and Video
08/10/2017 U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Amicus Brief
08/10/2017 Reply Brief
08/10/2017 Order Establishing Oral Argument Schedule
08/07/2017 Order Granting Human Rights First’s Motion for Leave to File Amicus Brief
08/03/2017 Answering Brief
08/03/2017 International Refugee Assistance Project Amicus Brief
08/03/2017 States of NY, CA, CT, DE et al Amicus Brief
08/03/2017 Law Professors Amicus Brief
08/03/2017 Order Denying Motion to Intervene
08/03/2017 Human Rights First Amicus Brief
08/03/2017 U.S. Committee for Immigrants and Refugees Reply in support of Motion to Intervene
08/03/2017 Former National Security Officials Amicus Brief
08/03/2017 Adam Soltani et al Amicus Brief
08/02/2017 Opposition to Motion to Intervene
07/27/2017 U.S. Committee for Immigrants and Refugees Motion to Intervene
07/27/2017 Opening Brief
07/24/2017 Order Expediting Appeal
07/21/2017 Joint Motion to Expedite
07/19/2017 Supreme Court Order
 07/15/2017 Motion for stay pending appeal
 07/14/2017 Briefing Schedule