Your upgraded PACER account will have new security features, including self-service login retrieval and password reset.  This feature requires you to add the following information to the account: a valid email address, a security question and answer, and your date of birth.


To upgrade your current PACER account, go to the PACER Service home page and click Manage My Account at the top center of the page.




Enter your current PACER Username and Password. Click Login.


If you have forgotten your existing PACER Username or Password, click the Forgot Your Password? or Forgot Username? hyperlink to retrieve your Username or Password.


Click the Maintenance tab.


Click Update Personal Information.


Take a moment to review the information about account upgrades. Once you upgrade a PACER account, the upgraded account can be used for read-only PACER access to all courts and for filing access to NextGen CM/ECF courts.

Once the upgrade is complete, you can no longer use your old PACER Username and Password.




Scroll down the page to Person information. Some fields may be filled with information from your current PACER account. Review and edit any of the filled fields as needed and complete all of the remaining required, unfilled fields (marked with a red asterisk). When all required fields are completed, click Next at the bottom of the page.


On the Address page, edit or add new text to each required field. Click Next at the bottom of the page.



On the Security page, enter a new Username and Password and complete the security questions and answers. On-screen help is available for each field.  Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

This is the final step in upgrading your PACER account. Once you click Submit, the Username and Password will provide read-only PACER access to all courts and filing access to NextGen CM/ECF courts.  You will no longer be able to log in using your old PACER Username and Password.


The Upgrade Complete dialog box opens to confirm that your account has been upgraded.



After your PACER account is upgraded, the next step is to link your upgraded PACER account to your Ninth Circuit CM/ECF e-filer account.  Instructions are here.