Hamby v. Walker


"Alaska Gay Marriage"


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Document Title

02/27/2015 Order Staying Appeal
02/23/2015 Reply in Support of Motion to Hold Appeal in Abeyance
02/19/2015 Opposition to Motion to Hold Appeal in Abeyance
02/09/2015 Motion To Hold Appeal in Abeyance
11/18/2014 No active judge has requested a vote to hear this case initially en banc within the time allowed by General Order 5.2a. The request is therefore denied.
10/22/2014 Petition for Initial Hearing En Banc
10/17/2014 Supreme Court Order Denying Stay
10/16/2014 Application for Emergency Stay filed with Supreme Court
10/15/2014 Order Granting Temporary Stay
10/15/2014 Response to Emergency Motion
10/14/2014 Emergency Motion
10/14/2014 Time Schedule Order
10/13/2014 Notice of Appeal
10/13/2014 Motion for District Court Stay
10/13/2014 District Court Order