Criminal Justice Act Electronic Vouchers

Updated June 2, 2020

The circuit has adopted an on-line system called eVoucher to seek reimbursement under the Criminal Justice Act. The system was developed by the Nevada district court and is used by other courts across the country. Below are resources to permit use of the system to file eVouchers in the Court of Appeals. District court access should be sought within each district. eVoucher updated to version 6.3 on 05/30/2020. This includes a modernized login page and look. Please note that now both your username and email address are required to reset a password. If you have trouble logging in, reach out to our Court of Appeals eVoucher helpdesk at

CJA eVoucher website to contact the CJA eVoucher help desk
Attorney Acknowledgment Form must be submitted to court by attorneys filing electronic voucher
The written training materials contain some information specific to the Court of Appeals. The video training modules are generic and can serve attorneys using eVoucher in both the Court of Appeals and the district courts.
Court of Appeals CJA Billing Guidelines
Budget Auth Guide for Attorneys NEW
Associate Attorney Procedures
Service Provider Authorizations
Training Guide for Attorneys UPDATED
CJA20/30 Quick Reference Guide
Guide for Attorneys Submitting Service Provider Vouchers
Guide for Creating CJA24 Authorizations
Guide for Service Providers submitting CJA21/31

Voucher Checklist will help ensure submission of the requisite documentation

Captivate video learning modules requires Adobe Flash Player
Maintaining the Attorney User Profile
Navigating the CJA eVoucher Program
Preparing and Submitting a CJA20 Voucher
Preparing and Submitting an Expert Services Authorization Request
Creating and Submitting a CJA21 for Expert Services
For general information about reimbursement under the Criminal Justice Act, please see Criminal Justice Act.