Appellate lawyer representatives are members of the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference who are chosen by the circuit court. Appellate lawyer representatives serve for staggered 3 year terms, during which they participate in meetings throughout the circuit, coordinate their activities with district lawyer representatives, as appropriate, and attend and participate in the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. The criteria for selection is as follows:

An appellate lawyer representative shall be: (1) admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit; (2) actively involved in federal appellate practice; (3) interested in the purpose and work of the conference; (4) willing and able to contribute actively to the purposes and work of the conference; and (5) willing to coordinate with other lawyer representatives in implementing conference programs within individual districts, as appropriate, and throughout the circuit.

Appellate lawyer representatives for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are selected according to the following procedures:

(1) The Court of Appeals will issue simultaneous notification to the judges of that court and to those who practice regularly before it of the time and method to submit nominations for the available representative positions.

(2) All such names will then be presented to the Court Executive Committee, which will present a list of nominees to the Court for its approval.

(3) Any member of the Court may propose the substitution of other individuals whose names were timely submitted to the Executive Committee.

(4) The Court will vote on the lawyers to be selected and may, if it chooses, expand the number of delegates for a particular term by three or fewer.

(5) The first time the Court selects representatives, it will select 18, 6 for terms of 3 years, 6 for terms of 2 years and 6 for terms of 1 year.

(6) Thereafter, 6 representatives shall be selected annually.

(7) No representative shall serve more than 2 successive 3 year terms.

(8) The Chief Judge of the Circuit will appoint the chair