National Litigation Support Team

The National Litigation Support Team is your consultant, your resource center, and your sounding board for all litigation support aspects of your case from beginning to end. We are here to support both federal defender offices and CJA panel attorneys throughout the country. Whether you are considering what data to request, how to manage the discovery you have received, or what type of presentation you would like to use in the courtroom, we can provide assistance and guidance based on our own experiences, industry standards, and general guidelines and principles we have developed that focus not only on document management but overall case management.

NLST Contact Information:

Sean Broderick, National Litigation Support Administrator
(510) 637-1950

Kelly Scribner, Assistant National Litigation Support Administrator
(510) 637-1952

Alex Roberts, National Litigation Support Paralegal
(510) 637-1955

Kalei Achiu, National Litigation Support Paralegal
(510) 637-1950

You can find more information on the National Litigation Support Team at

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