2018-2019 Judicial Council Members
Judicial Council - Judicial Conference

Chief Circuit Judge Sidney R. Thomas, Chair
Senior Circuit Judge N. Randy Smith
Circuit Judge Mary H. Murguia
Circuit Judge Milan D. Smith, Jr.
Circuit Judge Morgan Christen
Circuit Judge Jay S. Bybee
Chief District Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz
Chief District Judge Virginia A. Phillips
Chief District Judge J. Michael Seabright
Senior District Judge Susan Oki Mollway
Chief District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez


Chief District Judge Dana L. Christensen
District Judge Andrew J. Guilford
District Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson
Chief Bankruptcy Judge Gary A. Spraker
Magistrate Judge Michelle Hamilton Burns
District Court Clerk Brian D. Karth
Bankruptcy Court Clerk Tyler P. Gilman
Chief Probation Officer John M. Bodden
Chief Pretrial Services Officer David L. Martin


Chief Circuit Judge Sidney R. Thomas
Circuit Judge Milan D. Smith, Jr.
Chief District Judge Virginia A. Phillips


United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit

The Mission of the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit is to support the effective and expeditious administration of justice and the safeguarding of fairness in the administration of the courts within the circuit. To do so, it will promote the fair and prompt resolution of disputes, ensure the effective discharge of court business, prevent any form of invidious discrimination, and enhance public understanding of, and confidence in, the judiciary.