The Trial Improvement Committee was established in 2002 by the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit to develop and implement innovative approaches that both improve the juror experience for citizens and contribute to better court management of the jury system. The committee includes circuit, district and magistrate judges, criminal and civil attorneys and court administrators. To date, three of the committee's reports have been adopted by the Judicial Council citing goals, recommendations, and best practices concerning jurors, jury management, and jury trials. These are available below. A number of the committee recommendations are currently being implemented in the district courts in the circuit.

Trial Improvement Committee Reports

Adopted by the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit

First Report: Goals and Recommendations
Addresses ways to reduce the hardship jury service imposes on prospective jurors and how to increase citizen participation in the jury process.

Second Report: Recommendations and Suggested Best Practices
Recommendations and best practices to improve the use of jurors, effectively use jurors' time, improve voir dire, improve juror satisfaction with the voir dire process, improve juror comprehension, and how to address jurors' personal concerns arising from jury service.

Third Report: Best Practices Recommendation Re Electronic Devices
Recommendations and best practices regarding electronic devices and jury trials, including how courts should articulate its policies and requirements and how to instruct jurors regarding these policies and requirements.