Being a Lawyer Representative

by Hon. Christopher B. Latham, Former Chair of the LRCC, 2008-2009

Serving as a Ninth Circuit Lawyer Representative is one of the most enjoyable professional experiences that a federal practitioner will likely ever have. The time spent collaborating with some of the most respected attorneys throughout the West is rewarding in itself.  The real highlight, though, is the uncommon opportunity to work closely with federal judges of all types to improve the administration of justice in our great circuit.


There is a place for lawyer representatives from all practice areas and from firms of every size – whether you are a sole practitioner, part of a large office, practice criminal defense or bankruptcy, or focused on civil cases or appellate advocacy.  The breadth of our experience mirrors the tremendous diversity of practice across the circuit itself.  Those individuals who energetically embrace the role of lawyer representative will get the most out of their service.  The opportunities will be limited only by your own willingness to participate.  This is your once-in-a-career chance to see the circuit’s inner workings and to make a positive difference.