Oral Argument Dates & Locations

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Hearing Dates Year Last Updated
September - San Francisco, California
September - San Francisco, California
October - Honolulu, Hawaii
October - Pasadena, California
October - Pasadena, California
October - Pasadena, California
October - Phoenix, Arizona
October - Portland, Oregon
October - San Francisco, California
October - Seattle, Washington
October - Stanford, California
November - Pasadena, California
November - Portland, Oregon
November - San Francisco, California

2014 Court Sessions - Dates and Locations
This document is published once a year, and includes the month, date, and location that court will be in session. No case numbers or hearing information is included here.

Electronic Devices in the Courtroom
This policy pertains to the use of electronic devices by the bar, media and the public in the courthouses and other dedicated spaces housing the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.