State of Hawaii, et al. v. Trump

("Travel Ban")


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Document Title

06/19/2017 Mandate
06/19/2017 Order Granting Consent Motion to Issue the Mandate
06/13/2017 Consent motion to issue the mandate
06/12/2017 Opinion filed
05/15/2017 Oral Argument Video and Audio Recordings
05/02/2017 Photography Order
05/02/2017 One Million Kids for Equality Amicus Brief
05/02/2017 Broadcast Order
05/02/2017 Amicus Order
05/02/2017 Oral Argument Schedule Order
05/02/2017 One Million Kids for Equality Amicus Motion
04/28/2017 Appellants' Reply in Support of Motion for Stay
04/28/2017 Appellants' Reply Brief
04/26/2017 Doe Plaintiffs Amicus Brief
04/24/2017 Order Granting Request to Broadcast Hearing
04/21/2017 Immigration Equality Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Human Rights First Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Anti-Defamation League Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 National Immigration Law Center Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Muslim Civil Rights Activists Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Answering Brief
04/21/2017 Appellees' Opposition to Motion to Stay
04/21/2017 Muslim Justice League Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 US Justice Foundation Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Association of Art Museum Directors Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Order re Ali Plaintiffs and Doe Plaintiffs Motions to Intervene
04/21/2017 Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, Inc. Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Groupon Joinder Letter
04/21/2017 Tahirih Justice Center Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 En Banc Order
04/21/2017 Professor Victor Williams Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 National Immigrant Justice Center Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Technology Companies Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Former Federal Immigration and Homeland Security Officials Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Members of Congress Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 American Civil Rights Union Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Cato Institute Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Service Employees International Union Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 HIAS, The IRC, and USCRI Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Immigration Reform Law Institute Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Oxfam America, Inc. Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Alliance Defending Freedom Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 American Bar Association Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 City of Chicago Amicus Brief
04/21/0217 Members of the Clergy Amicus Brief
04/21/2017 Fred T. Korematsu Center Amicus Brief
04/21/0217 American Center for Law and Justice Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 Southeastern Legal Foundation Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 States of Illinois et al Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 Muslim Rights, Professional and Public Health Organizations Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 Interfaith Group of Religious and Interreligions Organizations Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 Constitutional Law Scholars Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 Doe Plaintiffs' Reply in Support of Motion to Intervene
04/20/2017 T.A. Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 Scholars of American Religious History and Law Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 Former National Security Officials Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 Colleges and Universities Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 International Law Scholars and NGOs Amicus Brief
04/20/2017 New York Univeristy Amicus Brief
04/19/2017 Khizr Khan Amicus Brief
04/19/2017 Episcopal Bishops Amicus Brief
04/19/2017 Foundation for the Children of Iran Amicus Brief
04/19/2017 Opposition to Doe Plaintiffs' Motion to Intervene
04/18/2017 Interfaith Coalition Amicus Brief
04/17/2017 MacArthur Justice Center Amicus Brief
04/17/2017 Scheduling Order for Doe Plaintiffs' Motion to Intervene
04/14/2017 Doe Plaintiffs' Motion to Intervene
04/14/2017 Reply in Support of Ali Plaintffs' Motion to Intervene
04/12/2017 Scheduling order for Reply to Motion to Intervene
04/12/2017 Opposition to Ali Plaintiffs' Motion to Intervene
04/11/2017 Hawaii's Petition for Initial Hearing En Banc
04/10/2017 Order Granting State's Motion to File Amicus Brief
04/10/2017 Scheduling Order for Motion to Intervene
04/10/2017 States' Amicus Brief
04/10/2017 States' Motion to File an Amicus Brief
04/07/2017 Opening Brief
04/07/2017 Motion to Stay
04/06/2017 Motion to Intervene filed by Plaintiffs in Ali v. Trump
04/04/2017 Notice of Oral Argument on Monday, May 15, 2017 - 09:30 A.M. - SE 7th Flr Courtroom 2 - Seattle WA - View the Oral Argument Calendar for your case here.
04/03/2017 Order Granting Motion
03/31/2017 Motion to Expedite Case
03/30/2017 Notice of Appeal to the Ninth Circuit
03/29/2017 District Court Order
03/15/2017 District Court Order Granting TRO