Jones v. Davis

Constitutionality of California Death Penalty


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Petition for Rehearing and for Rehearing En Banc




Oral argument audio and video


Notice of Oral Argument on Monday, August 31, 2015, 9 a.m., Courtroom Three, Richard H. Chambers US Courthouse, Pasadena, California

04/20/2015 Amicus Brief by the Innocence Project
04/13/2015 Reply Brief
03/06/2015 Amicus Brief by Correctional Lieutenant M Thompson
03/06/2015 Amicus Brief by Loyola Law School
03/06/2015 Amicus Brief by Loni Hancock, et al.
03/06/2015 Amicus Brief by Murder Victims' Families, et al.
03/06/2015 Amicus Brief by Empirical Scholars, et al.
03/06/2015 Amicus Brief by Death Penalty Focus
03/05/2015 Amicus Brief by California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, et al.
02/27/2015 Answering Brief
12/08/2014 Amicus Brief by Criminal Justice Legal Foundation
12/01/2014 Opening Brief