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Upgrading your PACER account: Starting Monday, August 11th, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your PACER account as soon as possible. The upgrade is not mandatory at this time, but it is the first phase of the Federal Judiciary's move to a single sign-on process that will enable you to use your individual upgraded PACER account to access both PACER and electronic filing. By upgrading now, you will see some immediate improvements, and it will be easier for you later this fall when the 9th Circuit moves to single sign-on.

If you currently use a shared PACER account, be aware that if another person using your shared PACER account upgrades the shared PACER account before you do, you will no longer be able to use the old account ID and password. At this point, you will need to register for your own individual PACER account.

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For help, please contact PACER at or (800) 676-6856