Garcia v. Google



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Document Title

11/13/2014 Order setting En Banc oral argument time and location
11/12/2014 Order setting due dates for amicus curiae briefs
11/12/2014 Order Granting En Banc Rehearing
07/11/2014 Amended Opinion and Order
04/14/2014 Amicus Brief by Internet Law Professors
04/14/2014 Amicus Brief by Professors of Intellectual Property Law
04/14/2014 Amicus Brief by Adobe Systems, et al.
04/14/2014 Amicus Brief by Netflix, Inc.
04/14/2014 Amicus Brief by International Documentary Ass'n
04/14/2014 Amicus Brief by Floor64 & Organization for Transformative Works
04/11/2014 Amicus Brief by California Broadcasters
04/11/2014 Amicus Brief by News Organizations
04/11/2014 Amicus Brief by Electronic Frontier Foundation, et al.
04/04/2014 Response to Petition for Rehearing En Banc
03/31/2014 Order
03/29/2014 Response to Emergency Motion
03/26/2014 Order Directing Response to Emergency Motion
03/25/2014 Emergency Motion by Garcia
03/20/2014 Amicus Brief by Public Citizen Litigation Group
03/14/2014 Order
03/13/2014 Order calling for a response to PFR and setting deadline to file amicus responses.
03/12/2014 Petition for Rehearing En Banc by Google and YouTube
03/12/2014 Supplemental Brief by Garcia
03/12/2014 Supplemental Brief by Google and YouTube
03/06/2014 Order setting briefing schedule on Sua Sponte request for a vote on whether to rehear en banc the panel's order of February 28, 2014 denying a stay.
02/28/2014 Order denying second emergency stay motion
02/27/2014 Emergency Motion for Stay Pending Disposition of Petition for Rehearing En Banc
02/27/2014 Opinion