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These are dates that the BAP Judges have set aside on their individual calendars for potential oral argument in BAP cases. Oral argument potentially may be held in any district in the Ninth Circuit. When and where oral argument calendars actually are held is largely controlled by where the greatest volume of cases have been briefed and are ready for oral argument. Thus, on any of the listed dates, oral argument might be held in two locations, one location, or no locations at all, depending on which cases are ready. The BAP also uses teleconference and video conference hearings to add flexibility to the calendaring process. If you have any questions about these dates, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (626) 229-7225. Actual oral argument calendars are posted on the internet a few weeks before the hearing dates at http://www.bap9.uscourts.gov under “court information.”
BAP Monthly Calendars:

The BAP tries whenever economical and feasible to set hearings in the district location where the bankruptcy case was filed. Hearings may be set for in-person appearances, or appearances by video conference or phone conference in the interest of minimizing travel costs for litigants and speedy resolution. Hearings are generally held during the third week of the month.

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Most BAP appeals are fully resolved within 10 months from the date the notice of appeal is filed.