The Ninth Circuit Mediators


The Ninth Circuit Mediation Program is staffed by a chief circuit mediator and five circuit mediators who all work exclusively for the court of appeals. Five are resident in the court’s San Francisco headquarters; one is resident in the court’s Seattle office. The mediators are all licensed attorneys who have an average of twenty-five years of combined private-law and mediation practice. They are all experienced and highly trained in appellate mediation, negotiation, and Ninth Circuit practice and procedure. The mediators are listed below:

Stephen M. Liacouras
Chief Circuit Mediator

Roxane G. Ashe
Circuit Mediator

Christopher A. Goelz
Circuit Mediator (Seattle, WA)

Margaret A. Corrigan
Circuit Mediator

Kay Suk
Circuit Mediator

Sasha M. Cummings
Circuit Mediator