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2017-06-09  9:00 am  Courtroom 2, Richard H. Chambers US Court of Appeals, Pasadena
Before: LIPEZ (Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit), BEA, and HURWITZ, Circuit Judges
Case No. Title Nature Origin Time / Side
15-10411USA v. Willie Woodard - Appeal from conviction for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud arising from a fraudulent financing scheme. [2:10-cr-01721-DLR-2] Criminal AZ Subm.
16-50015USA v. Clinton Reid - The United States appeals interlocutorily the district court's order suppressing a firearm seized from a car, in a case in which Clinton Reid is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. [3:15-cr-01349-BAS-1] Criminal S. CA 10 min
16-56130Mountain Right to Life, Inc. v. Xavier Becerra - Faith based pregnancy care centers appeal from the denial of their motion for a preliminary injunction in a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 action challenging California's Reproductive FACT Act, AB 755, alleging First Amendment violations. [5:16-cv-00119-TJH-SP] Civil C. CA Subm.
16-56765R. Abcarian v. Meldon Levine - An appeal from the district court's orders granting a stay and denying motions for preliminary injunction in an action challenging Los Angeles electricity rates. [2:16-cv-07106-GHK-JPR] Civil C. CA 15 min
13-50516 USA v. Jesus Barragan - Five appeals from criminal judgments arising from Mexican Mafia racketeering activities, narcotics offenses, and firearm offenses. [3:12-cr-00236-IEG-5] Criminal S. CA 20 min
13-50518 USA v. Hector Fernandez      
13-50525 USA v. Francisco Gutierrez      
13-50531 USA v. Pablo Franco      
13-50534 USA v. Jose Aranda      

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U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Richard H. Chambers Court of Appeals Building
125 South Grand Avenue
Pasadena CA 91105

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