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2014-09-08  1:00 pm  San Francisco Courtroom 1, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, California
Before: REINHARDT, GOULD and BERZON, Circuit Judges
Case No. Title Nature Origin Time / Side
Susan Latta v. C. Otter - Governor Otter and the State of Idaho appeal from the district court's decision declaring Idaho's marriage laws, which recognize as valid only a marriage between a man and a woman, unconstitutional and permanently enjoinging their enforcment. [1:13-cv-00482-CWD]
Civil ID 30 min
12-17668Beverly Sevcik v. Brian Sandoval - Plaintiffs appeal from the summary judgment in their action challenging refusal of the State of Nevada to permit same-sex couples to enter into civil marriages, as well as the state's refusal to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. [2:12-cv-00578-RCJ-PAL] Civil NV 15 min
Natasha Jackson v. Neil Abercrombie - Natasha Jackson, Janin Kleid, Gary Bradley and Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie appeal from the district court's summary judgment in an action challenging Hawaii's former statutory ban on same-sex marriage. [1:11-cv-00734-ACK-KSC]
Civil HI 10 min

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